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Available as boneless breast, boneless tenders, thighs, legs, wings or whole chickens . 

The USDA-Certified Organic chickens we raise for meat are a different breed from our laying hens. We call them “broilers”. They come to us as day-old chicks in the mail. Yep, in the mail! Once the chicks get their feathers, they travel across our pastures in a contraption called a "prairie schooner" that we move twice a day to fresh grass. This is our primary source of fertilizer on the farm, no synthetic product needed! The 4-5 pound dressed chickens have more flavor than we can begin to describe. You’ll need to try one for yourself.


Available as individual cuts, roasts, and sausages at our farm store or on the WhatsGood Marketplace app. Email us for information about whole or 1/2 dressed hogs. 

Our USDA Certified Organic Berkshire & Berkshire-Cross hogs are rotationally grazed through the woods. They are born outside, where the mothers are never confined by gestation or farrowing crates.  We wean our piglets after 8 weeks with their mothers, 3 times as long as the large scale pork industry. We can assure you, this ain’t your grocery store pork chop. Berkshires are known for outstanding flavor and marbling.


Available as individual cuts, roasts, steaks. Stew/kebob and ground beef available in 1 pound packages at our farm store or the WhatsGood Marketplace app. 

Our Red Devon beef is 100% grass-fed, 100% of the time. The cattle are moved every day to fresh grass during the growing season and fed only hay during the winter. They come to us from our friends at Watson Farm in Jamestown, RI,  where they are born. This prestigious herd has been fine-tuned over the last 30 years and we are proud to work with farmers dedicated to such excellence. Red Devon cattle are renowned for high-quality meat that finishes with excellent  flavor and tenderness without any grain.


Available by the dozen at our farm store, at A-Market in Newport or on the WhatsGood Marketplace app. 

The bright orange yolks of our USDA-Certified Organic eggs may change your culinary habits forever. We rotationally graze our layers behind the cattle herd in our pastures. This method of raising chickens mimics the habits of wild birds following the buffalo herds grazing on the midwestern plains. We raise a variety of heritage and hybrid breed birds which lay different color eggs.  We keep our flock diverse in breed and age for vitality. Keep an eye out for a green egg to have with your ham.


Maple Syrup

Available in half-gallon and 12oz glass bottles. 

Available in our farm store and on the WhatsGood Marketplace app. 

Good-bye cane sugar sources from far away... hello Maple Syrup, a New England classic. We produce ours in an old fashioned, simple way. Our “sugar shack” is an off-the-grid cabin where we boil the sap collected from our woods using wood also sourced from our property as a fuel source. We strive to use as little fossil fuel during syrup making as possible. It takes 40 gallons of sap to produce 1 gallon of syrup, which could easily consume energy quickly.  We bottle in glass to keep plastic out of the landfill.

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