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3 reasons why we LOVE having people on the farm!

On Saturday, JULY 31st from 4-6 p.m., we are hosting a tour of Wild Harmony, and we hope to see you there! We absolutely love showing people our farm, and here’s why:

1. You get a chance to know your farmers.

I think all small-scale farms are the expression of the farmers. Since we started Wild Harmony Farm nine years ago, our philosophy - healthy land, healthy animals, healthy people - has blossomed. It is always more apparent to me when we take folks on a tour or have old friends stop in. Recently, when we had our first mama cow give birth to a calf, we were visiting the newborn and her mom, and Ben looked at the forage and said it felt like his dream was finally becoming reality. This little calf was born into a lush, healthy, thriving silvopasture area. Her mom was happily chomping on the diverse vegetation, and the calf was benefiting from these nutrients, too, as she nursed from her mom.

2. We get a chance to answer your questions!

Sharing what we do is truly one of our favorite things. Educating consumers, especially you, our community, is one of our passions. It’s important for people to see real-life regenerative farming and observe its processes. We want you to be able to ask questions about your food.

3. Animals are fascinating.

Did you know that our cows gain seven pounds a week? They eat grass like nobody’s business. Honestly, after our cows leave an area of grass, it looks like a lawnmower went right through (except the cows are probably more thorough!). We are constantly moving them to new areas of the pastures so that they have access to fresh forage. Here’s a map of our silvopasture (silvopasture = forest + pasture) that our Assistant Manager Ally drew!

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