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Frittata with Bacon Ends and Dark Greens

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Consider serving this frittata with potatoes of your liking for brunch.

Serves 3-4

Cook time: 30 minutes


1/2 pounds Wild Harmony Farm Bacon Ends (You'll receive a pound. Bacon ends make a great addition to soups or can be diced, pan fried, and added in small quantities to any number of dishes -- or simply use the entire pound in this recipe.)

1 medium onion, pealed and thinly sliced into crescents

1 bag Little River Farm Kale, Arugula, or Spinach, chopped

8 Wild Harmony Farm Eggs (You'll receive a full dozen.)

2-3 tablespoons heavy creamy, whole milk, or a non-dairy alternative

2 tablespoons Little River Farm Dill (You'll receive 1 bunch. Leftover fresh herbs always make me want to find new things to cook.)

Salt and Pepper

*Add cheese if you'd like. Goat cheese would compliment the dill if the combination appeals to you.


1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Remove half the fat from Bacon Ends. Then slice the remaining bacon ends into slivers the width of a nickel.

3. Saute bacon in a large-oven proof skillet over medium heat for 10 minutes or until crisp and brown. Remove bacon from pan and set aside.

4. Reserve the fat from pan in a separate bowl. Afterwards, the pan should have a thin but consistent coating of fat. Saute onion over medium-low heat until caramelized (around 15 minutes).

5. Add chopped greens and a teaspoon of fat. Saute over medium heat for 5 minutes to wilt the greens.

5. In an accommodating bowl, beat together eggs, heavy cream or non-dairy alternative, dill, a pinch of salt and black pepper.

6. Pour eggs into pan with greens. Shake pan a few times to evenly distribute the mixture. Leave to cook for 3 minutes without disruption to allow eggs to set.

7. Transfer pan to oven and bake for 10 minutes.

8. Increase oven to broil for 2-3 minutes until light brown.

9. Remove from heat and cool to a comfortable eating temperature before serving.

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