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Bacon and Spinach Scramble


6 Eggs from Wild Harmony Farm

1/2 lb of bacon from Wild Harmony Farm

1/2 bag of spinach from Little River Farm

1/2 bunch of green garlic, chopped, from Little River Farm

cheese (optional)

Cook bacon in skillet over medium heat. Beat eggs in separate bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste. When bacon is nearly to your desired doneness (which for us is not very done), cut into bite size pieces (I usually do this with a spatula while it's still in the pan). Add spinach and chopped green garlic (you can use the entire garlic plant) to skillet and toss with bacon so that spinach and garlic are coated in the bacon grease. Cover for 1-2 minutes. Add beaten eggs to skillet and scramble. Top with shredded cheese, if desired.

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