Quarter Cow

100% Grass-Fed Beef  

90 - 100 pounds of delicious 100% Grass-Fed Beef 

Sold in small retail size packages to make cooking dinner simple. 

SOLD OUT until Summer 2021

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$85 deposit

Remainder due at pickup


Frozen at peak freshness for highest quality flavor

Perfectly portioned for easy meals. 

Approximate weight of Cuts included:

Prime Steaks ----------------------- 10 lbs 

Brisket -----------------------------------  3 lbs

Short Ribs------------------------------  3 lbs

Stew/Kebob ---------------------------  4 lbs

6 oz burger patties ------------ 10 lbs

Ground Beef ------------------------- 35 lbs

Bones --------------------------------------- 5 lbs

Chuck Roast -------------------------- 5 lbs

Eye of Round Steaks ---------- 3 lbs

Sirloin Steaks ------------------------ 3 lbs

Shoulder Roast -------------------- 2 lbs 

Certified Organic Pork, Chicken, and Eggs. 100% Grass-Fed Beef, 
A regenerative farm that fosters healthy food, community, and environment advocating for informed consumerism of food
Healthy Land. Healthy Animals. Healthy People.
Ben Coerper and Rachael Slattery

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