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In 2012, Ben and Rachael decided “Wild Harmony” had just the right sound.

After days, weeks even, of deliberating, it clicked. We strive to raise our domesticated livestock in harmony with how nature intended in the wild… Wild Harmony Farm! The “wild” is also to represent the days when Ben and Rachael roamed the globe as independent, carefree adventurers and “harmony” also represents their passion for music. Wild Harmony Farm is located in beautiful Exeter, RI and was started because the two recognized there was a way to grow food that upheld all of the ethical standards that they hold so dear, yet they couldn’t find a place staying true on every level.

The two set out to raise the most responsible food they knew how. As an unintended side-effect, these ethical standards also happened to produce the tastiest food, and others soon wanted to eat these products, too. So two pigs, one cow and a few chickens has slowly grown into a nice small-scale fully functioning farm! 

 It isn’t about being the cheapest, or the biggest. It’s about raising food that takes into account the health of the land, the health of the animals, and the health of the people, both those eating it and raising it.

We strive to not cut corners, for any reason. We are lucky to live this lifestyle, filled with hard work and fresh air, and we believe the animals we raise are fortunate to live the same way.

The land continues to become more enriched and fertile as the people and the animals work together to treat it with respect.

We know your life is busy and we are honored to provide you with ingredients you can rely on.

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