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Grass-fed vs. Grain-fed Beef


Here on Wild Harmony Farm, 100% grass-fed means just that, 100%, no exceptions.


We grow our grass with pride and our ruminants happily feast on the bounty of forage they are introduced to daily. Grazing in our rotational system replenishes our topsoil by maximizing the amount of organic matter being added to the pastures.


It’s interesting, most cattle begin their lives the same. They are born in the spring, nurse from their mothers, and enjoy the luxury of grazing on grass and forage. The big difference here is the 100% side of our grass-fed animals’ story. Our animals' life story doesn't change. That’s how it starts and ends: grass, grass, and more grass.


On the other hand,  big agricultural operations send their cattle to what is known as a feedlot, or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). They get grain, grain and more grain, as well as hormones to grow faster, and antibiotics to fend off the bacterial infections potentially present in such a filthy environment. This is vastly different from our rotationally grazed animals’ lives, and we believe you can taste the difference.

Following your meal from start to finish can be a grueling process when you eat from the conventional food system. Wild Harmony Farm makes that easy. We know where they’re born, we know what they eat, and we love how they taste!

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