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Why Certified Organic?

Wild Harmony Farm strives to produce healthy products that support industries that we believe in.

This means, we are proudly USDA Certified Organic. We go to great links to ensure our practices are honorable and up to snuff with our organic inspector. As the consumer, it's important that you know we are following through with the practices you expect. No corners are cut. 


Organic is GMO-Free & more. 

Genetically Modified Organisms are worth looking into and educating yourself about. GMO plants have their DNA modified in a laboratory. Plants are engineered to withstand glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-Up, which is a toxic, non-selective herbicide. 200 million pounds of glyphosate are sprayed annually in the US. The corn and soybeans that go into conventional livestock feed are the biggest targets. It is now used so widely that it is leaking into our water supply. We have found the Non-GMO Project to be a very educational resource that offers a third party verification for products that opt-out of GMO ingredients.


By choosing Organic grains, we are helping to minimize the quantity of toxic chemicals used in the U.S. The EPA’s latest report, dating back to 2007, Pesticides Industry Sales and Usage, shares staggering data about the types, pounds, and history of pesticide usage in the U.S.  


There are many different opinions out there about GMO’s, but we have yet to be convinced that they are scientifically safe and therefore do not want to use our animals, our customers or our bodies as the testing ground. We plan to continue to do our part to reduce the damage that these harmful chemicals cause and hope you will too.

Please consider shopping small-scale organic, GMO-Free and reducing the amount of chemicals used in your home, lawn, and workplace.  Every little bit matters.

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