Custom Packed -- Half Hog 

Eat right AND stay within your food budget.

70 pounds of Organic Pork

(sausages and smoked product made with certified organic pork)

What to expect in your Half Hog bundle

SAVE 10% off retail prices! 

A typical Wild Harmony Berkshire Hog yields around 70 pounds of butchered product per half. 

Our custom-packed "Half Hog" bundle offers premium cuts from the butcher as well as flexibility in the choice of sausages. 



70-pound minimum

Available 2-3 weeks after ordering

On-farm pick up during store hours

all cuts are frozen & cryo-vac sealed

(just like our retail inventory) 


$85 deposit non-refundable

(final price will vary based on individual weights) 

Half Hog Bundle Deposit

Half Hog Bundle Deposit


Sausage Choices:


Maple Breakfast

Fresh Kielbasa


Zesty Chorizo

Hot Dogs

SmokedKielbasa Dogs


Sweet Italian

Hot Italian


Traditional Breakfast

Break it down for me... 

What types of cuts are we talking about and in what quantity? 

13 lbs pork butt/shoulder

10 lbs pork chops

2 lbs spareribs

6 lbs Country Style Ribs

4 lbs loin roast

5 lbs smoked bacon & bacon ends

3 lbs smoked ham hocks

6 lbs smoked ham

12 lbs sausage 

11 lbs ground pork 

(Exact weights will vary based on individual cuts)

Certified Organic Pork, Chicken, and Eggs. 100% Grass-Fed Beef, 
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