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Whole & 1/2 Animal Sales


We offer several options for buying whole or half pigs.


Many farm-to-table restaurants and even some motivated households prefer to breakdown a pig's carcass on their own.  We can supply you with a slaughtered, dressed (gutted), and cleaned pig carcass to explore the art of home butchering. 

Whole carcasses can weigh anywhere from 200-375 lbs, depending on your preference and our availability.  

A 250 lb carcass will typically yield around 150 lbs of retail cuts, depending on how it is cut. The remainder being bones (which can be used for soup stock), fat (which can be easily rendered into lard), and organs (which can be eaten or fed to your pets).

$5.50/lb - whole pig carcass

$5.95/lb - half pig carcass


If you are interested in filling your chest freezer with our delicious, organic pork, you can also opt to have your pig butchered at a USDA-inspected facility and cryovac packaged as individual portions.  

You can receive pork chops, shoulder roasts, tenderloin, hams, fresh belly, spareribs, bacon, sausages, etc.


The carcass costs are the same as above, plus the butchering fee which can range from $200-$500 depending on how you want it cut and packaged.  The sausages and smoked products (bacon, hams, smoked shoulder) bring this cost higher up in this range.

Half carcasses can be accomodated, but there is less flexibility in which cuts you can get back, as you will be sharing the pig with someone else.

Option 3 - PIG ROAST:

If you are looking for a pig to roast on a barbeque spit for a party, we can also supply you with a smaller slaughtered, dressed, and cleaned pig carcass.


How much will you need?

It is generally recommended to plan on 1.5 lbs per person. Depending on availability, we can provide pigs as large as 350 lbs, though we recommend no bigger than 250 lbs to roast whole.

$7.95/lb for up to 149 lb carcass ($500 minimum per pig)

$6.75/lb for 150-199 lb carcass

$5.50/lb for 200+ lb carcass