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Position currently filled for 2020

- Wild Harmony Farm's Assistant Manager transforms the vision into reality. -

Wild Harmony Farm is a diverse, certified organic livestock farm in Exeter, RI focused on environmental stewardship, utilizing regenerative farming practices. We care deeply about the well being of the people working here and the livestock we raise. We raise 100% grass-fed beef cattle, organic pigs, organic layers, organic meat chickens and organic turkeys.  We graze our animals in an intensive rotational system to maximize benefits to the animals’ health and the land, moving fences every day. Farming is a lifestyle as well as a business for us. The fruit and vegetables we grow are not for market but to supplement the farmers' diet. We grow spray-free vegetables on 1/10 of an acre, manage a 2-acre apple orchard, keep honeybees, and tap maple trees for syrup.  We sell meat, eggs, and syrup through a 20-member CSA, our farm store, wholesale accounts with restaurants and butcher shops, and the retail app WhatsGood Marketplace.



- Job description

Our assistant farm manager will assist in the daily field and sales operations and serve as the team lead for farm apprentices.  The primary responsibility will be working with the farm owners to manage the land and livestock in a regenerative and humane manner while managing the farm crew.  This will involve daily chores, animal moves, health care observations, and administrations, fence building/repairing, water management, and feed deliveries. In addition, our assistant manager will help with sales, product inventory, and store management.  Most weeks the assistant manager will be on the road at least one-day delivering animals to slaughter or product to customers. The assistant manager will report directly to the farm owners and will supervise one apprentice during the winter and 2-3 apprentices during the summer.



- What we are looking for


  • At least one year of experience working on a livestock farm

  • Valid driver’s license, and satisfactory driving record

  • Ability to lift 50 lbs

  • Ability to work in all weather conditions

  • Ability to work collaboratively with a team as both an employee and a supervisor

  • Ability to interact positively with customers

  • Ability to live peacefully in shared space

  • Experience supervising other people

  • Ability to drive a standard transmission


Ideal attributes:

  • 2-3 years of experience working on a livestock farm

  • Experience with carpentry, construction, machine work, or other trades

  • Experience operating farm machinery

  • Experience driving and backing trailers

  • Ability to operate a chainsaw and trimmer safely and effectively

  • Passion for a sustainable food system

  • Experience managing a team


Work schedule and timeline:

This is a year-round, salaried position ideally starting the first week of  December.  We work a Monday to Friday work-week and rotate weekend chore coverage with the entire staff.  This means that during the winter each employee is typically on duty for weekend chores every third weekend and during the summer every fourth or fifth weekend.  We try very hard to honor time off, but there are occasional exceptions that require working late. We offer one week of vacation in the summer, two weeks of vacation in the winter, and one additional day off each month of the year.


Application, cover letter & resume needed.

Email all of the above to Wildharmonyfarm@gmailcom 

Position filled for 2020


Assistant Farm Manager 


- Benefits include:

- Private sleeping space on-site in tiny home

- Communal kitchen and living space shared with apprentices

- vegetables, fruit, meat and eggs from the farm

- occasional off-site educational opportunities; i.e. workshops, farm visits, etc.

- $18,000-22,000 per year, dependent on experience

- 30 mins from Newport, Providence, & beaches

Application, cover letter and resume needed.
Email all of the above to
Contact Rachael with any questions @ 
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