The Wild Harmony farm managers

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Rachael Slattery

Co-Owner of Wild Harmony Farm

We know what it's like to care about what you eat and to feel lost as to where to find it or whom to trust. We started out just the same way. When you start learning more about the food system, there's no turning back. 

Growing up in Jamestown, Rhode Island, led Rachael to become both a sailor and a farmer. She spent 15 years traveling the world’s oceans working on a diverse group of vessels where she has earned her title as Captain. In her off time, she traveled more terrestrially and found herself drawn time and time again to the idea of sustainable farming.

Rachael volunteered on farms in New Zealand, Malaysia, and then back in Rhode Island.

Rachael works to manage Wild Harmony Farm with her husband Ben. She focuses a large amount of time on the vegetable garden, honey bees, and marketing, but can be found driving the tractor, setting up a fence, moving the pigs, or doing chores. 

Although these days she is most often found hanging out with a little guy named Milo. (Ben and Rachael's infant son!) 

Ben Coerper

Co-Owner of Wild Harmony Farm

Food allergies are a big part of our family's life. Once you start paying close attention to how the food you eat makes you feel, there's a lot to learn. Tinnitus, upset stomachs and endless doctor's appointments were something Ben dealt with a lot. He understands how frustrating it is to just try and feel good. 


Ben first became aware of the food choices in his life when he mysteriously became very sick a few years after college.  Over the course of a year, Ben was diagnosed with an array of conditions and illnesses and prescribed a host of harsh medications.  Discontent with these answers, Ben visited a naturopath and was shortly diagnosed with food allergies.  Rather than continue with his current diet and be forced to take medication, Ben changed his lifestyle, which wasn't easy.  Once he began scouring ingredient labels, he realized how highly processed most grocery store food is.  In order to eat REAL food, Ben decided to learn how to grow his own.  While working on farms all over the world, Ben continued to learn and began to educate others about the harsh and often disturbing realities of our mainstream food system. 


Ally Dell

Assistant Farm Manager, Wild Harmony Farm

Ally entering her 10th season as a farmer!  Before Wild Harmony, she worked in vineyards for 5 years in Pennsylvania and Maryland.  Using roundup and other chemicals at work took a toll on her body, and she observed the confinement and poor living conditions that chickens were raised in at nearby farms, which took a toll on the animals.  She could not find meat that she felt good about eating and became curious about how to combat these issues via regenerative organic livestock farming.  


She found Wild Harmony, started working as an apprentice, and it was a perfect fit.  After her apprenticeship, Ally was promoted to Assistant Manager.  Ally enjoys naming the sows, dreaming up and implementing pig “pinwheels” for rotational grazing, learning about land stewardship and regenerative farming, and contributing to Wild Harmony “farmily” potlucks.  She finds this work rewarding because it is full of opportunities to problem solve and experiment with new ideas, and she gets to spend every day outside.


Her favorite foods are pickles, hoagies, and Wild Harmony cheeseburgers of course!  She lives with her partner Anna and their pets Mo and Hank.

Casey Duckett

Store Manager, Wild Harmony Farm

Casey moved to Rhode Island when he was 8 years old and has a deep love for the Biggest Little, and our state's unique history. He describes himself as a job collector and a tinkerer.

He comes to Wild Harmony from Mystic Seaport Museum due to a mixture of the fallout of Covid-19 and a passion for sustainable, ethical agriculture. His passions are sailing, experimental archeology, living history education, cooking, and baking, and talking. Casey lives down the road from the farm with his wife and son.

Casey is the person who packs your WhatsGood orders! 

The Wild Harmony farm apprentices


Livestock Apprentice, Wild Harmony Farm

While in college studying Equine Business Management, Danielle realized that in everything she did in life, she was always considering the effects that her own and others’ actions would have on the environment. This led her to research the topic of farming in relation to the environment, and she was overwhelmed by the information she found. Upon graduating in May 2020, she began working for WhatsGood, where she got to meet many local farmers and learn about alternative food systems, as she continued to learn about farming in the U.S. After gaining some knowledge of the environmental issues relating to conventional farming in America, she thought it would be great to get some hands-on experience in the field, since a farm is where she feels she belongs! So excited to join Wild Harmony, she feels that Wild Harmony’s and her values align seamlessly. She cannot wait to learn what it is like to care for the land, animals, and people everyday as a regenerative farmer in training, as she believes regenerative agriculture is the necessary future of our food system.


Livestock Apprentice, Wild Harmony Farm

Lauren (she/hers) grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, where farming is not often part of daily life. She was always curious about how her food was grown, and upon learning about the realities of our food system and changing climate she decided to get involved in sustainable agriculture - starting with joining 4H and working at several diversified vegetable farms. Lauren is taking time off from studying earth and soil science at Cal Poly to learn more about regenerative ranching, as she believes regenerative practices hold the key to creating more environmentally and socially just food systems. She chose Wild Harmony for their commitment to both the health of the natural world and those who inhabit it.

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Livestock Apprentice, Wild Harmony Farm

Nico comes to Wild Harmony Farm with a desire to learn more about regenerative farming from good and honest people. Nico believes that food production systems determine the health and vitality of our entire ecosystem and that communities in peril deserve access to nutrient-rich foods. Nico’s background in community organizing informs their vision of a successful farm — a space where individuals support each other and their build environment in an effort to keep the ecosystem as healthy as possible. With the hope that this definition could serve as a model for future cities and communities, Nico believes that soil has the potential to forage healthy futures for marginalized communities.